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We are in our 28th year of business serving large and small companies in parts cleaning, surface prep, passivation and electro-polishing equipment.  We represent many lines of equipment, depending on your need and application, and welcome new and challenging projects. 

Ultrasonics is our hallmark product and we have sold many systems, large and small.  Some additional product lines we represent are cabinet spray washers, dip dunk systems, table top passivation and electro-polishing systems.

Our customer base consists of medical device, aerospace and automotive manufacturers, as well as metal forming, stamping, bending, welding and deburing markets.  We work with all forms of metals, plastics and composite materials and provide many different types of aqueous chemistry needed for the process. 

Please contact us by using the Contact Us Link, email any questions to:
skip@vacleanusa.com, or Skype at Connector124.

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Skip Marsh,


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